War for West Michigan

The Great Lakes Commonwealth is in turmoil. Firearms are banned. Rebellions, mutinies, and attempted coups are regular occurrences.  
Having declared their independence, the people of West Michigan find themselves locked in a desperate battle for survival. Amid merciless mercenaries, rampaging troops, and suffering civilians, loyalties are tested and torn asunder. A determined population must fight to defend their liberty from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  
Can the tiny republic secure its newfound freedom, or will it succumb to the forces of destruction bent on its demise?

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"Faces in Perdition" by Peter Welmerink


Everything's going to be just fine. Really. Welcome to West Michigan's fictional future. Filled with the Unliving, giant mutated beasts, alien invaders, and ancient monsters from the depths of Lake Michigan, truly it's the LIVING that one has to worry about in more ways than one. FACES is a collection of four short stories and novellas either previously published and out-of-print, or waiting for their time in the warm sun. All stories are set in or around Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is where Welmerink grew up envisioning grand tales of danger, action, and adventure. Herein lie stories about human endurance, spirit and hope, of death, of survival, in the face of great adversity. Everything's going to be all right because Humankind will keep pushing forward no matter what. It's in their nature. It's in their FACES.

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"Bull" by Peter Welmerink

One often has to work for others to survive. It's no less for Joe Cross, working within the confines of Reganshire as an Urban Salvage Engineer. Dealing with folks internally is no problem. It's when he needs to go outside the town enclosure, into the Wilds, where things get dicey. The feral undead roaming field, road, and decimated countryside can be the least of one's worries. On a mission to acquire a map of northern Michigan, where supposed "treasures" can be found, Joe barely gets up-road before running into trouble. Becoming mixed up with a few fellow Reganite soldiers after the ill-fated "Battle of Lamont," they become stomping targets for a mutated and monstrously large creature they all thought had been run out of the area. Nope. Still there.

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"Pumpkin Patch Pandemonium" by Russell Slater

It's fall time in West Michigan. As the days grow short, colorful leaves blanket the ground, and a chill permeates the air. Lifelong city-dwellers Wyatt Sheffield and his teenage daughter Amanda are the newest residents of the village of Corning. While adapting to their new rural environment, the Sheffields notice something odd about their neighbor. Widower Jack Verhooven, owner of the "locally famous" pumpkin patch, is hiding a dark secret beneath his prize-winning pumpkins. With the aid of a well-informed stranger, Wyatt learns the terrible truth about the evil next door.

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They said Green Lake was safe… 
They were dead wrong!!! 
Seven years ago, Green Lake was the site of several unexplained killings. After a local war hero captured one of the monsters responsible for the chaos (a giant mutant Lake Sturgeon), the military arrived to protect the citizenry. Despite government assurances, residents fled in droves. Green Lake became a ghost town. 
 Inspired by the best-selling book, Hollywood produced the blockbuster movie Green Lake Monsters near the lake. Thousands who worked on the film fell in love with the area and settled en mass. Eager to capture potential tourist dollars, the Village of Green Lake embraced its monstrous past. 
When teenage lovers vanish, newer residents scoff at the notion the creatures have returned. This time, Vietnam veteran Silas Sobel is prepared, and sets in motion a plan he hoped would never see the light of day. 
 In a battle to the death between mankind and mutant fish, only one will prevail as head of the food chain.

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Introducing Joe Cross, a new character in the post post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested, military-heavy TRANSPORT World. 
Welcome to West Michigan, 2025. 
Joe Cross, the "Best Salvager in the Midwest," unwittingly falls into the clutches of Reganshire: a small, thriving, but vicious, town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids. 
To keep his head from atop the gruesome pikes lining the township's fence line, Joe sets out with two local Urban Salvage Engineers only to find they've been stealing from the very town they serve. 
New to the area, Joe has little choice but to assist the thieves. He must act swiftly in order to thwart his captors and survive, although they have the upper hand...and the guns...to put him down in case their mission fails. 
 Meet Joe Cross, Urban Salvage Engineer. The right man for the job when you need something found.

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Eddy Elk and Mandy Moose have stepped out of the flag, they’re on the loose! Join the adventurous pair as they explore the natural wonders of the Great Lakes State. From the Petoskey stone to the Whitetail deer, learn why there is no place on Earth quite like Michigan. 


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A soft-hearted tale about
kindness and helping others in need.

Sheltered by an overpass during a rain storm,
an ogre and his red dog Rover share their lunch
with a boy who has lost his way.

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The Legend:  
In 1835, near Laphamville (modern Rockford), Michigan, several children went missing. After trusted village elder Elias Friske confessed to their murder, he was hanged by vengeful townsfolk. His ghost is rumored to still inhabit the site of the lynching – an area known locally as “Hell’s Bridge.” 
As Halloween draws near, a group of teenage thrill-seekers gather near a rusted iron foot bridge. When they disappear into thin air, paranormal investigator Birgil Doxey puts himself on the case. As he probes the mystery, he learns the shocking truth about the town’s dark past.

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Nobody home, and Mother Nature has reclaimed the land... For the most part.  After ten long years, Captain Paul Wells returns from deep space. He's ready to be home, along the sand-swept shores of Lake Michigan.  However, his home is not how he left it. 
The security system wants to fry him in his boots. Someone has infiltrated his place, and is powerful enough to instantly put him six feet under. And there are new entities patrolling the land, alerted to his homecoming, who are intent on making it his last.  Determined to reclaim his dwelling, Wells doesn’t plan to be a stranger in this strange home for long...

"This is your home, Paul Wells.  We must take it back for you."
Cover art copyright 2015 Tim Holtrop
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…Britain still owned Michigan? 
In a distant corner of the empire, the people of war-torn British Michigan are ready for peace. A simmering civil war has ravaged the province for the past 90 years.  
A turning point  
An optimistic prime minister, a battle-fatigued rebel leader, and a lonely fanatical outcast - fate has brought three men together on the shores of Green Lake, the site of a historic peace deal in-the-making. On the verge of a major breakthrough, the British leader and guerilla commander become unlikely partners for peace, while the unshakable faith of a true believer threatens to derail the entire process.

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What's so "great" about the Great Lakes State? EVERYTHING!!!  
From lake to glistening lake, this precious pair of peninsulas holds a special place in the hearts of those lucky enough to call Michigan "home."  
Join us on a journey across the state and learn why we're proud to say, "I'M A MICHIGANDER!"

Illustrated by
Michigan Artist
Jordan Richadson

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A story about the defense of liberty in West Michigan

The United States of America is gone. The state of Michigan is no more. Following mass nuclear terrorism, North America has fractured into dozens of independent countries. 
Citizens of the Great Lakes Commonwealth are shocked by news that their leader has been assassinated in the capital city of Detroit.  
A new president with a new vision takes office and bans the private possession of firearms, forcing the God-fearing rural population of West Michigan to struggle for their rights against  
overwhelming odds. Principled regional rulers are transformed into reluctant rebels as West Michigan confronts national tyranny.

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A TERRIFYING tale of a mutated Lake Stureon!

Something in the lake… 4th of July Weekend! Time for flags, barbeques and late night fireworks. For the residents of a sleepy West Michigan community, the carefree days of sun-soaked bliss are about to be interrupted by a deadly abomination of nature…lurking in the depths of a local lake.  
Vietnam veteran Silas Sobel loves Green Lake. He watches over the water – protects it. When he witnesses a mysterious attack on a pontoon of partiers, his claims are dismissed as wild stories.  
Setting out on a lone mission, he utilizes unconventional methods to capture the proof he needs.  As the town slowly realizes the truth, they find themselves woefully unprepared to combat the hideously mutated monster of Green Lake.

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